Stay focused on the big picture

Timothy C. May tcmay at
Tue Mar 22 15:11:23 PST 1994

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous wrote:

> There has been hostility expressed on this list towards
> Limbaugh, 700 Club, UWSA, NRA, etc., and the 10's of millions of
> politically active supporters who could be allies in the 
> anti-Clipper fight. 
> In the interest of focusing attention on the big picture, I 
> offer the following eloquent letter:
> >          Mr. [Recipient]:
> >
> >                I'm writing to express my agreement with you
> >          concerning the dangerous, and in fact, tyrannous nature of
> >          the Clipper chip.  However, I find your reasoning

> >          I offer this in the spirit of cooperation, since I believe
> >          that if we hope to win the war, we should at least know who
> >          we are fighting!
> >
> >                                         Sincerely,
> >
> >                                         Robert J. Bork

Is this a real letter? If so, where did it appear? (I don't doubt the
possibility of Almost-Supremee Judge Bork having written this, but the
absence of "when and where" undermines its credibility a bit, for me
at least.)

I agree with the sentiments, and, in fact, Cypherpunks at the Mountain
View meetings cover a range of political views and yet we mostly are
in full agreement that crypto should be unregulated.

--Tim May

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