Where to find RIPEM/SIG (an exportable version of RIPEM)

Christopher Allen consensus at netcom.com
Tue Mar 22 11:48:10 PST 1994

At 11:06 AM 3/22/94 -0800, Michael P. Reilly wrote:
>How does one obtain permission to ftp the  ripem-1.2a-0.tar.Z file?

The file GETTING_ACCESS on ripem.msu.edu describes how to get permission to
ftp RIPEM. It is at:


I've enclosed their file here:

>Dear FTP user,
>To access the RIPEM cryptographic software archive at ripem.msu.edu,
>you must have an "account" on my custom FTP server.  Traditional
>anonymous FTP login is allowed, but anonymous users are prevented
>from doing GETs on files containing cryptographic software.
>Anonymous access is allowed so that you can get README-type files
>like this one, and files containing descriptions of software
>licensing terms.
>This FTP server is not an official service at all.  Although
>accounts have no specific expiration dates, your account (or
>more likely, the service as a whole) could be discontinued at
>any time without any advance notice (even to me).
>To apply for FTP access to rpub.cl.msu.edu, send an email message
>to ripem at ripem.msu.edu.   State the following:
>1.  Your citizenship (must be USA or Canadian)
>2.  Your willingness to comply with relevant export laws.
>3.  Your willingness to comply with relevant software license terms.
>    (You should get and read the file "rsaref-license.txt" on this host,
>    so you know what you are agreeing to if you get RIPEM.)
>4.  The "canonical" Internet domain name of your host.
>    (If you are not sure of the primary name of your host, FTP to
>    ripem.msu.edu under user anonymous.  The FTP server will inform
>    you of your hostname.)  Also state the country in which your host
>    resides.
>***** NOTE:  It is very important that you get the hostname correct.
>*****        As odd as it may seem, many requestors have
>*****        not correctly specified their host address.  This
>*****        causes extra effort for both of us.  Please check
>*****        (via anonymous FTP) unless you are certain of your
>*****        hostname as known by domain name servers.  Your
>*****        hostname does *** NOT *** have an "@" in it, and
>*****        in general cannot be derived from your email address.
>Here's a sample email message you might send to ripem at ripem.msu.edu:
>To: ripem at ripem.msu.edu
>Subject: Access to ripem.msu.edu
>   Dear Mark,
>   Please give me access to ripem.msu.edu.  I am an American
>   citizen, and I agree to comply with crypto export laws and
>   RSAREF license terms.  My hostname is hobbit.egr.bigu.edu;
>   this host is located in the United States.
>   Thank you.
>When I receive your message, with luck I'll promptly issue you
>a special FTP username and password by return email.  This username
>will work only from the hostname you specify in your message.
>In the case of RIPEM, you may redistribute the code, but only
>to others in the USA and Canada, and only under the terms of
>the RSAREF license agreement mentioned above.
>Thank you.
>This method of distribution is due to local site requirements
>and is not required by RSAREF license terms, FYI.
>Mark Riordan   mrr at scss3.cl.msu.edu
>P.S.  I realize that going through this account application process
>is not your idea of a good time.  It doesn't take much imagination
>to figure that it isn't my idea of a good time, either.  Please
>help this process go smoothly by giving me all the informative
>requested above, so I can issue your account on the first try.
>I receive hundreds of these requests and many are lacking information.

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