FWD: RIPEM/SIG - Worldwide Digital Signature Software

Christopher Allen consensus at netcom.com
Mon Mar 21 21:24:19 PST 1994

At 12:21 AM 3/19/94 -0700, mdbomber at w6yx.stanford.edu wrote:
>I tried turning RIPEM Mac loose on this message and it complains about a
>garbled Originator Certificate, then complains that it does not appear
>to be a PEM/RIPEM message.
>Did anyone else get this to work?

I've tested this further - like you I can't seem to verify the press
release using RIPEM Mac. However, I did find someone with the RIPEM 1.2
software installed and it does verify with that software.

I've sent a copy to Ray Lau, the author of RIPEM Mac, as I know that he is
working on incorporating the features of RIPEM 1.2 in the next version of

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