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James Still still at
Mon Mar 21 12:12:08 PST 1994

>Need to refer someone (US citizen, currently in the US) to a BBS that is
>carrying the current PGP.  Any pointers?  He's in Edgewater FL, but is
>willing to call LD to get it.  No net access.  Thanks.

For all of his encryption needs on the first call I'd recommend the
Hieroglyphic Voodoo Machine BBS at +1 303 443 2457 (V.32bis N81)
Files in the free files area include:

PGP23A.ZIP   221K Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) ver 2.3a  encryption software
PGP23SRC.ZIP 505K 'C' source code for PGP ver 2.3a
OLX21.ZIP    223K Offline Xpress mail door reader/responser for Tomcat
ALLFILES.ZIP  13K Listing of all files available on the HVM - updated daily
PGPCONF.ZIP    0K Read this before uploading your PGP key to the repository
MACPGP23.HQX 422K macpgp2.3.cpt.hqx was the original filename. Decode 
PGPFAQ.ZIP    56K Latest PGP FAQ, posted to the Net 15 Jan '94.
PGPSHE30.ZIP  71K PGPShell ver 3.0  menu/mouse shell for PGP  (Jan 94)
PGP23OS2.ZIP 329K PGP 2.3a for OS/2.
SECDR13A.ZIP  87K Secure Drive 1.3a - IDEA encrypted floppies or HD 

Give 'em a call 24-7...

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