anti-security measures

Timothy C. May tcmay at
Mon Mar 21 10:45:15 PST 1994

> an53400 at says:
> > I need to convince someone of their need for security. If anyone out
> > there could send me a good trojan program or direct me to somewhere
> > where I can find code or how to code one I would appreciate
> > it. Other security buster measures would also be nice. :) Thanks.
> I need to convince someone that mugging is a big problem in the inner
> city. If someone out there could send me a good pistol so I can go out
> and mug them I would appreciate it.
> Perry

I would help you, Perry, but I'm trying to convince the world that
nukes are a bad idea and I'm preparing to blow up Atlanta to prove my

Oh, and there's no need for that Tibetan font to calculate the nine
billion names of God. My Perl program is just now outputting the last
name. Apparently it is "Zzzzzywsha


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