Note from EDUPAGE

Alan (Miburi-san) Wexelblat wex at
Mon Mar 21 09:05:20 PST 1994

Criminals have discovered that by forwarding their calls, they can evade
wiretaps placed on their home lines. "Criminals can go to any phone, call
the `intelligent network' and route calls anywhere," says an FBI special
agent. The FBI estimates that 25% of all wiretaps "are adversely affected"
by this telephone hide-and-seek. (Wall Street Journal 3/18/94 A5A)

[Wex notes: this seems relevant to the ongoing fight over the FBI wiretap
proposal; I wonder if they're laying the public groundwork for supporing
their proposal to get call-setup information.  I also wonder if it would do
them a damn bit of good.  If I call a number which I know has previously
been forwarded to a different number, is the eventual target # part of the
call-setup info?]

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