The CP WWW Home page

Evil Pete shipley at
Sun Mar 20 14:40:56 PST 1994

>	I've been setting up a cypherpunks WWW home page on soda.
>	So far I've been linking things into the home page stuff
>that's already on soda, and there's a good deal more work to be
>done. If you have some of your work available on the soda ftp site, if
>you want to make it available, I'd like a little bio info about
>yourself, (or your psuedonymous identity).
>	So if you would like to send me either HTML pages with
>information or the proper URL so I can put in a link to your
>information, that would be great.
>	Other suggestions for links are appreciated as well.
>(The cypherpunks URL is


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