Locating Color Copiers

Perry E. Metzger pmetzger at lehman.com
Sat Mar 19 07:28:03 PST 1994

Jeremiah A Blatz says:
> Re: passing bills
> Okay, so the 10's and 20's have little mylar strips on them.
> You can't copy old bills, because they get wrinkles, and, anyway, if
> someone handed me a crisp, new 1983 $20 I'd get a bit suspicious.

And why is that, Mr. Blatz?

Every bill in my wallet is crisp and new. Crisp new bills are favored
by banks for their bank machines, and virtually every bill other than
$1 and $5s in circulation here in New York was spit out by a bank

People on this list are remarkably insular -- everyone here seems to
think "the way it is in my town is the way it is everywhere".

In some places in this country, $20s are extremely common and all of
them are clean and well pressed. In some places this is not the case.
Don't assume your local conditions hold everywhere.

Now can we get back to cryptography?


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