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Fri Mar 18 15:56:39 PST 1994

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>>> <<CLIPPER COMPROMISED?  "Security Insider Report," a monthly newsletter
>> published in Seminole, Fla., has reported that government officials are
>> seeking to determine whether former CIA employee and alleged traitor
>> Aldrich Ames may have sold information to the Russians about the
>> government's secret key-escrow technology used in Clipper Chip chipsets
>> and Capstone Tessera cards.  The secret key-escrow technology, dubbed
>> Skipjack, can be used to encrypt network voice and data.
>which must *obviously* be true because it came off the *wire services*...
>Probably Aldrich Ames didn't have any contact with the people in the
>NSA doing Clipper or the FBI people doing Digital Telephony Prevention.

Ames may have had access to the rationale Dot and an un-named white
house source were quoted to effect ' ..if you knew what I know, you
would understand the need' (in effect tying Clipper to national security).

Were he to compromise how good the interception is IN THIS COUNTRY to
a foreign powers intelligence service, for instance,  it might severly
change their way of doing communications in the U.S.  (the target country).

Thus, nullifying some of the effect of say, a hypothetical successor to
SHAMROCK, (Allen Steeles Big Ear).

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