Getting EFF to sign their postings

Arsen Ray Arachelian rarachel at
Fri Mar 18 10:36:59 PST 1994

Can you use PGP after you buy ViaCrypt?  After all, you paid for
ViaCrypt, and since it's supposedly the same as PGP, can you simply
use PGP and mention that you have purchased ViaCrypt?

The other thing you could do is get a PC hooked up via appletalk to
your Mac network (or via ethernet, etc.)  You could send batch files
for it to execute somehow, and it should run in full speed.

Something like all the Macs on the network have a shared directory
with the PC which runs PGP...  On the PC end, there's a program that
looks in this directory, reads a batch file, executes it, deletes the
batch file.  You'll also need some sort of file locking method.

The simplest of these is to just rename the file... say, write a
file called LOCKED XXXX940318132811 which the PC should ignore because
it won't look like the file it wants... then when the file is closed,
it can be renamed XXXYYYY.PGP which the server on the PC end will
simply shell out to and then delete...

the XXX in the file name could be the Mac station ID...  The output
of these batch files could go to a file called XXXYYY.RES for result.
The batch file can include the message to sign, look at, etc... How?
You can use the echo command to redirect to a file, or you can put
input/output files in other directories...

Shouldn't take more than a few days worth of work to implement...

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