Errata: Digital Telephony hearing, DC, March 18 1994

Stanton McCandlish mech at
Thu Mar 17 15:47:05 PST 1994

Please pardon the date errors in the previous posts about the Washington DC
Congressional hearings on Digital Telephony.  The date is March 18, 1994
- tomorrow.  

That is: March EIGHTEENTH, Friday.  Not 17, not 19.  Profuse apologies for
these goofs.

How did this happen?

Let's be democratic, you can vote on it:

__ low levels of choline today

__ it's a conspiracy, and I'm trying hard to confuse you. I really work for
   the FBI.

__ a sudden surge in cosmic rays affected my computer, making it type 9 or 7
   instead of 8

__ feces occurs

__ I have a natural propensity for idiocy

__ synchronicity, karma, and/or the will of a/the god[s]

__ I have an irrational desire to receive flame-mail

__ visual disortion due to ergot infestation on the wheat my breakfast bagel
   was made out of

Anyway, this part at least is correct:

> For those that missed the original announcement, the Senate Tech & Law
> Subcommittee and House Civil Liberties Subcommittee are holding a hearing
> at the Dirksen Building Rm. 266, featuring testimony from EFF's Jerry
> Berman and FBI's Louis Freeh, et al., regarding the FBI Digital Telephony
> "Wiretap Bill". 
> Call the Senate Judiciary staff at +1 202 224 3406 for more info.

Apologies again, and just to reiterate, this important event takes place
on Friday, March EIGHTEEN (18), 1994, which for most of you is tomorrow.

Stanton McCandlish * mech at * Electronic Frontier Found. OnlineActivist
"In a Time/CNN poll of 1,000 Americans conducted last week by Yankelovich
Partners, two-thirds said it was more important to protect the privacy of
phone calls than to preserve the ability of police to conduct wiretaps.
When informed about the Clipper Chip, 80% said they opposed it."
- Philip Elmer-Dewitt, "Who Should Keep the Keys", TIME, Mar. 14 1994

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