Whats so bad about a surveillance state

Blanc Weber blancw at microsoft.com
Thu Mar 17 14:35:27 PST 1994

From: Brian D Williams :

Blanc Weber Postulates:

       > -With the rise of fiber telcos are laying fewer cable
       > routes and just stuffing the routes they do dig up with
       > more fiber than is necessary for replacement of the
       > existing copper, leaving some major areas with only a
       > single path in and out as one bundle of fiber replaces
       > tons of copper that was laid in multiple paths
       > originally becayse it would not fit in one path.  Saves
       > the telcos money, but a single backhoe might be able to
       > cause some major damage now...

 Well, I can't speak for the other Telco's, but here in the
Midwest this is flat out untrue.

Well, I can't say if that's true in the Midwest or anywhere else on the 
planet, because I didn't write that paragraph, as I don't know a thing 
about cables of any type or kind.


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