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Timothy C. May tcmay at
Thu Mar 17 12:10:13 PST 1994

Matthew Ghio wrote:

> Jay Prime Positive <jpp at> wrote:
> > I am in the 'la area' too, which makes us three.  Perhaps we should
> > hold a concurrent meeting here next month?  I could host, but my
> > house is in Arleta (in the SF valley).  Eric, how hard is it to create
> > cp-la at  Until, or unless, it is set up, I will operate
> > jpp=lacp at as a mailing list.  Mail to jpp=lacp=request@
> > to be added to the list.
> I will be in the LA area in about two months... Maybe we could have a
> cypherpunks meeting somewhere.

This is encouraging, that the LA area is talking about having a

I'm looking for a good excuse to visit the LA area (besides visiting
my brother, who got nuked out of his last place by the quake and now
lives near the beach in Hermosa Beach!). If this event is scheduled
enough in advance (2 weeks, say), I'd like to attend it. A couple of
LA-area folks (JPP, Matt Bartley, I think) have attended the Bay Area
meeting, so some cross-fertilization in the other direction might be

So, mid-May? 

--Tim May, who may attend in May.

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