The Joy of Digicash

Blanc Weber blancw at
Thu Mar 17 09:06:03 PST 1994

>From Hal:

Proper cash will produce a symmetrical pattern.  By choosing
good CA rules, the patterns will be different for each bill, some nicer
than others, leading to attractive fractal-looking patterns for many bills.
When you wanted to "look at your money" you could run the program on the
digital cash.  People might even trade for especially attractive bills.

This sounds really cool, if it could work that way.
I can imagine a large screen wall display of these fractal images 
continuously running in color in the entertainment room, as a 
kaleidescopic display of all my cash holdings.......if the patterns 
begin to repeat themselves too soon, it means I don't have very much in 
the digibank.   :>)

So there couldn't be anything else which would produce these same 
patterns and thus be confused for the original or actual?


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