Whats so bad about a surveillance state

Brian D Williams talon57 at well.sf.ca.us
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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are my own and do not represent
            the views of Ameritech or it's alliance partners.

Blanc Weber Postulates:

       > -With the rise of fiber telcos are laying fewer cable    
       > routes and just stuffing the routes they do dig up with  
       > more fiber than is necessary for replacement of the      
       > existing copper, leaving some major areas with only a    
       > single path in and out as one bundle of fiber replaces   
       > tons of copper that was laid in multiple paths
       > originally becayse it would not fit in one path.  Saves  
       > the telcos money, but a single backhoe might be able to  
       > cause some major damage now...

  Well, I can't speak for the other Telco's, but here in the
Midwest this is flat out untrue. Project looking glass which
resulted in a Billion dollars of additional fiber installed in the
last year, and an additional billion a year for the next 6 years is
completely diversified. Countercurrent rings, diverse pathways, the
whole bit. I believe the Internet was a model for these strategies.
 I might add that this is not new, we've been pursuing these
strategies as long as I've been here. (about ten years)

 There were a couple of incidents involving landscape contractors
in the last year, none resulted in significant outage. This is
particularly interesting since the utilities run a service called
JULIE (for Joint Utility Locating something or other) which you are
supposed to call 48 hours before you dig, we'll send someone out to
make sure you don't encounter anything.

Brian Williams

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