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Jeremiah A Blatz darklord+ at CMU.EDU
Wed Mar 16 20:08:21 PST 1994

Excerpts from internet.cypherpunks: 12-Mar-94  by "Perry E. Metzger"@lehma 
> rishab at says:
> > 
> > > > if the clipper chip passed.  what's stopping
> > > > corrupt government people from selling access
> > > > to the encryption to the highest bidders to spy
> > > > on competitors communications.
> > > Nothing.
> > 
> > What stops a *corrupt* government from shooting you if you dissent?
> The knowledge that in the U.S. there would be riots and quite possibly
> a revolt.

Hmmmm, the question is, what does it say about a government from beating
you enough to permanently disfigure you is you look at their
representatives the wrong way? Hmmmm, and what does it say if said
government continues to run smoothly after the resulting riots/badly
organized revolts?

Shades of LA,

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