brainstorming on cpunks' eve

Jeremiah A Blatz darklord+ at CMU.EDU
Wed Mar 16 19:20:37 PST 1994

Excerpts from internet.cypherpunks: 11-Mar-94 brainstorming on cpunks'
eve by Matt Thomlinson at u.washin 
> I was wondering what people were thinking about putting together a 
> page for WWW? Would it be useful? Would people browsing around look at
> it and would it be a medium to disseminate info? Maybe divide it up...
>         RSA, DES, IDEA, 3-DES, etc.
>         Clipper, Capstone, Skipjack, Tessera
>         PGP, stego programs available, RIPEM, etc.
>         EFF, CPSR, Cypherpunks----
>                              |media coverage
>                              |remailers
>                              |stego
>                              |voice pgp
>                              |clipper projects-FOIAs, bigbro inside, etc.
>         other sources of info: sci.crypt, alt.pgp, alt.whistleblowers, 
>                 alt. privacy,
[CRs removed for brevity]

Well, I have a little web site. I'm uploading as much
hacker/cyber/clipper stuff as my quota will hold. Feel free to browse.


Have phun!

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