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Get Your Files

By Glen L. Roberts

This Bulletin outlines how to get copies of your most important files: Credit
Bureau, Medical Bureau, Federal (FBI, IRS, Secret Service, Etc), and State.

In most cases it is quite easy, simply write a letter to the correct business
or agency and the reply will be forthcoming. This can be made even easier by
use of a fill in the blank form.

The information required and addresses to write to for your different files

Credit Bureaus

There are three credit bureaus and they will all require the same
information. Provide your full name and address. You might find that by
supplying your Social Security Number (SSN), it will smooth the process of
getting copies of your credit report. Additionally, if someone else is using
your SSN it will be more likely to show up, if they look up your files by SSN
rather than name alone.

Send your credit bureau request letter to:

TRW, P.O. Box 749029, Dallas, Texas 75374

Trans Union, P.O. Box 7000, North Olmstead, Ohio 44070.

Equifax, Wildwood Plaza, 7200 Windy Hill Rd, Suite 500, Marietta, Georgia

Medical Bureaus

Like credit bureaus collecting and disseminating credit information about us,
the Medical Information Bureau does the same for our medical records. Their
database is used by insurance companies to prevent someone from withholding
information reported to one insurance company from another. The risk of
having incorrect information come back to bite is much more serious than a
mangled credit history.

You should request the nature of substance of your Medical Information Bureau
files, and in addition to the information needed to request your Credit
Bureau file, you'll need to include your place and date of birth.

Medical Information Bureau, P.O. Box 105, Essex Station, Boston,
Massachusetts 02112. Phone: (617) 426-3660

Federal Records

The Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act give us the right to copies of
our federal files (with certain exceptions, of course). When considering
getting copies of these records, the exceptions are not of immediate concern.
The federal agency is required to provide copies of all non-exempt material
and provide an explanation and description of the exempt records.

These all apply to all Executive Branch agencies of the federal government:
FBI, IRS, BATF, SECRET SERVICE, etc. They do not apply to the courts or

Making a request is simple. You'll need to provide your full name (and any
aliases), current and former addresses, place and date of birth, SSN
(optional, but it will make them happy!), and you'll have to have your
signature notarized, along with a statement that you are requesting a copy of
all records that the agency maintains on you.

Under law, the federal agencies have ten working days to comply. Depending on
the agency, you may have to wait up to three years!

Most agencies operate on a centralized basis. Send your request to the office
in Washington DC and they will handle it for all offices around the country.
Others, such as the IRS and FBI are regional. Send one to Washington DC and
each service center or field office that covers the places you have lived or
conducted business. Use your local phone book to contact the agencies for
their addresses.

State Agencies

Many States have Freedom of Information Acts based on the federal law. Ask
the Research Desk at your public library or State Congressperson. Even if you
can't find a State Law, there's no reason not to request files and see what
kind of response you get. If you don't ask, you certainly won't receive!


Never represent yourself as another to get a copy of their files. Some files
are covered by privacy laws, some aren't. Feel free to ask for a copy of
someone else's files, but make it clear the files are NOT about you. Either
you'll get copies, or be told of a privacy law that prevents the release.

Continued in the next message...

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