IR Blocking.

John C. Brice ag588 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Wed Mar 16 09:13:42 PST 1994

>BTW: What's the FBI, Cops, etc. supposed to do when their "suspect" is
>aware that they're being watched?  Do they knock down your door and
>stop you from attempting to foil their investigation because they have
>a warrant??  Or do they just go home with their tails between their legs?
>They get a real attitude and start to break the rules because
>"Now we're gonna get this smart ass and show him good."
>"Yeah boss.... right."
>-uni- (Dark)

The question as to what they are "supposed" to do can be understood in two
ways:  (1) what does the law ALLOW them to do, versus (2) what are they
likely to do anyway?  If the question is understood to be (2) above, then I
would agree with Unicorn.  But if the question is understood to be (1)
above, then inquiry must be made as to (a) whether there is a warrant, and
if so then (b) what are the terms of the warrant.  If there is no warrant,
then of course they should tuck tail and run.  If there is a warrant, then
upon confrontation the person who is the object of the warrant should be
permitted to read it.  Maybe the warrant is only to permit tapping of the
phone.  Maybe the warrant is only to seize certain equipment.  At this
point, you should shut up (don't say ANYTHING AT ALL) and call your lawyer.
 If things have gotten this far along, you're no longer in control of the
situation and the best thing you can do is hope the feds screw up somehow. 
Oh, by the way, when you're talking to your lawyer  on the phone, don't say
anything stupid.  Don't admit anything.  Just explain the situation and
tell him to come over right away.  And in the meantime, just stay quiet!

I am an attorney, seeking a position in the area of Computer Law.  If you
know of such a position available, or of someone who may know of such a
position, please send e-mail!  Thanks.

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