(fwd) Re: What's so bad about a Surveillance State?

Timothy C. May tcmay at netcom.com
Tue Mar 15 23:19:35 PST 1994

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Subject: Re: What's so bad about a Surveillance State?
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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 1994 07:11:24 GMT

From: Department of Internal Surveillance
To: List
cc: Eric Blair, Director of IntSur
Code: 42-750aF-966

Citizen-Unit Jim-Miller at suite.com (ID: 6A8-32-k40B) wrote:

: It is obvious to me that many people in the government wish to turn the US  
: into a surveillance state.  What's so bad about that?  It seems to me that  
: a lot of good could come from it.

Citizen-Unit Miller is to be commended for his recognition that the common
good is served when the state fulfills its surveillance obligations. 

However, we note that Citizen-Unit Miller is delinquent in completing
his Good Citizenship video coursework (entirely too much MTV was
watched last week, Citizen-Unit Miller...consider this the third of
your four allowable warnings). Citizen-Unit Miller has also wasted too
much time (14.982 hours last week) on the so-called Internet,
indicating he needs a Learning Reinforcement Regimen.

He has been ordered to report to the Austin Processing Center.

An orderly society demands that citizen-units be monitored for
behavior injurious to the harmony of the larger society. The Position
Escrow system was developed to allow precise tracking of movements
(although this information is available to the state only when the
state needs it, as per the Clipper key escrow precedent).

In closing, we wish to remind all citizen-units that surveillance is
needed to detect deviant behavior, to ensure full working efficiency,
and to remove from the body of society those with archaic visions of
individual freedom.

Surveillance is Security! 

--Citizen-Unit Timothy C. May

(One informal warning, Citizen-Unit Miller: Your caloric input from
cheeseburgers and other Unapproved Dietary Items is dangerously close
to the levels which will result in your placement in a dietary
reeducation camp, as per Executive Order 97-652A, signed by
President-Unit Clinton. We all saw what eating too many cheeseburgers
did to her husband-unit!)


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