Help Stop Clipper, Your Testimony Wanted

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Subject: Help Stop Clipper,  Your Testimony Wanted
Organization: CTS Network Services (CTSNET/crash), San Diego, CA
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 1994 15:15:30 GMT
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******    P A P E R   T I G E R   T V   S O U T H   W E S T   *******

For Immediate Release          3.07.94               *Distrubute  Widely*

This is a request for submissions of video testimony regarding Clipper.
Is it a coincidence that at the point where the net seems poised to 
include the numbers of people required for it to become a truly  
democratizing institution, that clipper is introduced through a 
back door?

Unless the conquest of cyberspace goes unchallenged by the public-at-
large, First and Fourth Amendment rights will be abrogated in a "fait
accompli" out-of-sight of democratic processes.

The sanctity of coded messages from Starfleet are meaningless if cybercops
patrolling the infobahn do not practice non-interference.

This is a battle that cannot be won if fought solely in cyberspace.
Outside forces can restrain what transpires and control the dilithium
crystals that power the net. The implementation of draconian measures 
calls for innovative counter measures.

Opposition to Clipper is largely confined to net users.  We propose to
take arguments against the Clipper proposal to the public with
a video. Fighting with the traditional weapons of mass media  will get
the attention of the wider net-disinterested audience (most of whom
will intersect with the net in the future), than relying on the net
alone to conjure the necessary outcry to make Clipper an issue of public

We need your collected clips to put together a composite
argument. It will be distributed to public access television
stations, key legislators, and also be made available to the general

Submission guidelines:
-Send us a video of you containing your most cogent thoughts and
  passionate statement regarding Clipper.

-Please limit your comments to privacy issues in general and
  Clipper in particular.

-Send original tapes (we'll return them) in any format, 8mm, Hi8, VHS.
  Hi8 is the best.

-Because of both the nature of video and the nature Clipper,
  guerrilla theater is encouraged.

-Submissions of arguments in favor of Clipper will also be considered
  for inclusion.

-Contributions from outside the U.S. are welcome.

-Suggestions about content and/or format welcome.

-Please send your video as soon as possible, but no later than May 1st
  for consideration.

Information about Paper Tiger:
Paper Tiger TV is a non-profit volunteer collective based in
Manhattan, with working groups in San Diego (PTTV Tiger South West)
and San Francisco (PTTV West).

Paper Tiger TV produces 30 minute programs shown weekly on public
access cable TV and distributed to cable stations, colleges and
libraries across the country. The collective has been working for
nine years with critical readings on many areas of cultural production
including advertisement, TV, films, mainstream publications and
cultural events.

Although there is no confirmation, it is  likely that the finished
tape will be uplinked by Deep Dish TV: an association of community and
independent producers, public access and cable programmers; a national,
alternative satellite network with multi-racial, multi-regional
representation producing and distributing television that has a point of

We hope that our shows will inspire, educate and empower the
political movements that we are a part of.

Mail your tapes to:

                   VIEWING HABITS
                   3270 MT.AACHEN AVE.
                   SAN DIEGO, CA 92111

This is a historic moment, don't blow it. Make history, make video.

Stanton McCandlish * mech at * Electronic Frontier Found. OnlineActivist
"In a Time/CNN poll of 1,000 Americans conducted last week by Yankelovich
Partners, two-thirds said it was more important to protect the privacy of
phone calls than to preserve the ability of police to conduct wiretaps.
When informed about the Clipper Chip, 80% said they opposed it."
- Philip Elmer-Dewitt, "Who Should Keep the Keys", TIME, Mar. 4 1994

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