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Tim May said:

>- I also showed a book on American Intelligence agencies (NSA, NRO,
>DIA, State Dept., etc.) by Jeffrey Richelson, but Whit Diffie has
>already borrowed it, so I can't provide the relevant info right now.
>Richelson has written several books on foreign intelligence agencies
>(BND, Mossad, MI5 and 6, etc.) and U.S. intelligence agencies, and is
>a good "post-Bamford" source. 

Richelson, Jeffrey T.  _The U.S. Intelligence Community_.  2nd ed.  Harper,
New York.  1989.  ISBN 0-88730-226-2.  This book is a required text for at
least one class at George Washington University and can be found in their
bookstore in D.C.  I would imagine the book is still in print and could be
ordered if not found in your local (well-stocked) bookstore.

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