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Jim choate ravage at
Mon Mar 14 08:31:51 PST 1994

> Jim Choate says:
> > I question the validity of the chips use, seems to me that tatooing the ear
> > of the pet and placing this in a database would be much more efficient and a
> > LOT less expensive.
>     I suspect the chip insertion uses vastly less expensive labor, and
> probably less expensive gadgetry, as well.  There might also be a memory-size
> problem; I have a cat with an ID number tatooed in one ear -- about the only
> place where it is reasonably visible on casual inspection.  The number is
> about nine years old, and has four digits.  One or two more and there would
> be trouble reading it.
>     (The cat is a survivor of feline leukemia research at U. C. Davis; the
> ID dates from that program.  There's a program whereby surviving animals
> from the Davis labs are placed out.)
>                                                 -- Jay Freeman
Why do you insist on using roman numerals and the English alphabet? There is
no reason that some other symbology would not work w/ a larger character
set, say 1st char is state, 2nd char is city, 3rd char is vet, 4th/5th char
are customer....

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