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Matt Thomlinson <vikram!phantom at>:
> I was wondering what people were thinking about putting together a 
> page for WWW? Would it be useful? Would people browsing around look at
> it and would it be a medium to disseminate info? Maybe divide it up...

I've been working on this for a while, as I mentioned in an earlier post. At
the moment, you can use Gopher as an interface to browse articles on policy
(Clipper, DT ...) at EFF or CPSR, and at for digicash and more
cpunk stuff. I'm really more interested in WWW because the articles can be
hypertextified with cross-references. Right now, you can use Gopher as an index
of articles themselves, so there is no point making a WWW html that's just a
'contents' page. In about 3-4 weeks from now, I'll be ready to release fully
hypertext WWW html. 

This will still be quite limited, to policy on Clipper, Digital Telephony, ITAR;
FAQs; Cypherpunk stuff -- Digicash, Blacknet(?), anon/remailers; RSA, other
patents and papers; Kerberos and other security, maybe.

All this will be as cross-referenced as I can manage by next month. There are
over 4 megs in (uncompressed) articles, that I've downloaded so far.

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