voice encryption

Perry E. Metzger pmetzger at lehman.com
Sun Mar 13 20:38:39 PST 1994

Mark Hittinger says:
> Hey guys last week we got ahold of a new board made by IBM that is an
> actual ISDN board.  It is accessible as com1, is hayes compatible, and
> has the texas instruments DSP chip on it.  The claim is 64kb.  We will
> test it and see how it goes.  This would be better than the 28.8 stuff
> but I think that still needs to be done for cellular.

And what about the millions of people in areas without ISDN (including
me) and all the people who might want to talk with them?

When ISDN is universal, obviously digital crypto for voice will be
simpler. For the moment, ISDN is not universal, or even common, and is
thus not a solution.


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