spyproofing your house/work building

Arsen Ray Arachelian rarachel at prism.poly.edu
Sun Mar 13 13:32:55 PST 1994

I'm curious about how one would go about spy-proofing one's house..

I suppose the 1st few steps would be to make each room a Faraday
cage...  What kind of sheet metal would be good to use for this?
Would somet thin metal suffice?

In terms of isolating the windows from ir-laser pickups, I thought
I could attach speakers to every window and tune them to some
radio station that doesn't exist, or better yet a RNG so that
audio-substraction wouldn't work.  (One of the ways of spying is
to bounce a laser off a window.  The vibrations from the window
would cause vibrations in the reflection of the laser beam, so
the spy can listen in on your conversation.  However if there's
a lot of noise outside your house, they would simply hang a mike
aimed at the source of the noise and substract the two signals to
filter out everything but what they're trying to spy on...)

Another thing I've heard is some stuff about the US Embasy refusing
to move into a building that was full of bugs in the now defunct USSR,
and one of the reasons is that they were detecting lots of
micro-wave-emmisions.  The article stated that this was a health
risk, but someone on here(???) stated that microwaves can be used
in place of bouncing an ir-laser beam off a window because any
metal objects in the target room would also vibrate with sounds...

So as a summary, I would make the room a faraday cage with speakers
on it every few feet fed into individual RNG's, then use some of
that sound isolation foam all around the metal slabs, then set
up the dry wall/floor/ceilings on top of all that...

Of course phone taps are still a problem, but hopefully with the

Have I forgotten anything?

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