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Sun Mar 13 08:28:53 PST 1994

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>> On a slightly related topic, I know of an instance where the
>> Secret Service located a stolen color copier with somewhat 
>> greater speed than one might have expected.
>> Is it possible that these machines either:
>> (1) contain transponders
>> or
>> (2) hide a "signature" in their output  ???

>1. Why was the secret service looing for stolen property?

>2. This is an urban legend.  There is no "signature" on the output of 
   Canon CLC copiers.

>because these copiers are so maintenance-intensive, and since Canon 
>*owns* most of the CLC dealers, it would be very easy for them to check 
>their s/n records when they are servicing the equipment (which needs to 
>be done when the devices are moved)!

>pretty exciting, huh?

>Rusty H. Hodge, Cyberneticist  <rustman at> 

The _event_ is not an urban legend.  (The signature hypothesis 
could be).  Check the Chattanooga papers (late '92 or early '93).  
A copier was ...uh... relocated to a residence.  I doubt that 
the manufacturer was invited to make service calls.  

The secret service was involved because of what was being copied.

It could just be that the SS (funny coincidence of initials) is 
very good at its job, but I wonder.

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