WARES - "Terminate Clipper" t-shirt (fwd)

Arthur Chandler arthurc at crl.com
Sat Mar 12 10:16:05 PST 1994

  Got this from another group.  I haven't ordered the shirt, so can't say 
yea or nay about it, but thought folks here might be interested.

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Subject: WARES - "Terminate Clipper" t-shirt (fwd)

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i just got this really cool t-shirt from this place in Seattle...

It's black and it says

                                              don't give
                                        BIG BROTHER
                                    THE MASTER KEY
                                TERMINATE CLIPPER NOW

It has a pretty cool multi-colored image of a skeleton key on a chip..,,..
and some other stuff

here's the rest of the info....

"...Snail mail orders to:  Paul Clark PO Box 59152  Renton, WA 98058

Email COD orders at         iplus1hope at aol.com

$10 by check, $12 COD, black, XL only, 100% cotton heavyweight"


It's pretty a cool shirt; the guy is a pretty wild artist on the outskirts of
Seattle. I sent him my address on email and he shipped it  c.o.d. about a
week after i I ordered it

i wore it around today...it's pretty sad how many people don't know wha
t's going on

sethross at aol.com

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