Niacin warning (was Surveillance cameras)

Hal hfinney at
Sat Mar 12 08:33:58 PST 1994

From: rarachel at (Arsen Ray Arachelian)
> you can also just pop a 400mg Niacin capsule... Niacin will
> quickly dialate all your capilaries bringing lots of blood
> to your face and making you look like a lobster.
> That should mess up any scan... so if you're a wanted
> crook in an airport that uses ir-face biometrics, just
> pop niacins like them were pop-corn. :-)

I just want to warn anyone who is thinking of trying this that 400 mg
is not the place to start with niacin.  The flushing will be extremely
intense at that level and you will probably either think you are dying
or wish you were.  Try 50 or 100 mg to start with.

You do build up a tolerance to this effect of niacin pretty fast so
experienced users will need higher doses to get the flushing.  But for
a non-user lower doses are adequate.


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