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 though joe 6-pack might not vote, and likely won't even understand about
 the crypto of it all. he would understand the police listening in on his
 conversations with jill 6-pack. and not like it to well.  i do think 

The police can listen in anyway... In fact, so can anyone. And it's much easier
for the police to listen in now, than it will be after Clipper. 

Joe 6-pack may not really worry about Clipper. In fact, Joe 6-pack may even be
persuaded by Dr. Denning that Clipper will only be bad for criminals.

As much of the public does not necessarily share our objection to Clipper, 
which is a matter of *principle*, really. The only people who might be 
adversely affected by Clipper *in practice* are those who are lulled into a 
sense of false security that Clipperphones are secure, when they're not.
Joe 6-pack is not even likely to *buy* a Clipperphone, he's quite happy talking
to Jill over plaintext lines, and hasn't yet raised a furour over the LE right
to (after 'due procedure') listen in to the *plaintext* lines.

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