Other Spy Agencies

Timothy C. May tcmay at netcom.com
Fri Mar 11 18:34:12 PST 1994

>  We have talked plenty on the list about the NSA.What about the spy agencies of
> other nations?What do they have to offer in the way of crypto roadblocks.Maybe
> an exchange of crypto ideas could turn up intresting info from foreign agencies
>  But I can picture life in San Quentin for espinoge.I can see the scene now,
>  "Im in for triple murder,how about you? I got 40 years for telling the Swedes
> about RSA so don't screw with me pal!Crypto huh,your one sick con."
> -- 
> Greg Kucharo
> kryten at shell.portal.com   University of Maximegalon College of Computer Science

I've read many books about the intellignence establishment, including
some that deal at length with foreign (non-U.S., that is) intelligence
agencies and their practices. Most folks on this list have never heard
of Chobetsu or the BND.

My point? These books are freely available and the authors know a
thousand times what we know about these things...and yet they aren't
facing espionage charges. So, discuss away!

--Tim May

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