The Coming Police State

Timothy C. May tcmay at
Fri Mar 11 09:59:10 PST 1994

Grand Epopt Feotus wrote:

> 	I myself am very new to the net, and also to crypto, soI
> 	have not seen these papers before.  Is ther an archive
> 	where I could find them?  Or could you possibly mail me a
> 	copy of your "Remailers: The Next Generation" if it is
> 	not already archived someplace I could find it.  I do
> 	have a fw questions about remailers myself actually.
> 	Would I still be able to recieve mail at my account?
> 	Just how much attention does it bring?  Is it feasible
> 	for a student on a conservative system(read fascist) to
> 	get away with a low profile one?  I know low profile is
> 	not the goal, but I do want to help if possbile.


1. Many articles and papers are available at the
site, in pub/cypherpunks. Look around there. The 1981 Chaum paper is
not (too many equations for easy scanning), but the 1988 paper on
Dining Cryptographers Nets is.

2. The "online gneration" tends to want all material online, I know,
but most of the good stuff is to be found in paper form, in journals
and books. This is likely to be the case for many years to come,
given the limitation of ASCII, the lack of widespread standards (yes,
I know about LaTex, etc.), and the academic prestige associated with
bound journals and books. Fortunately, you can _all_ find university
libraries within driving range. Take my advice: if you do not spend at
least an entire Saturday immmersing yourself in the crypto literature
in the math section of a large library, perusing the "Proceeedings of
the Crypto Conference" volumes, scanning the textbooks, then you have
a poor foundation for doing any crypto work.

(Epopt is in Delaware, he has said, and his email address confirms.
U. of Delaware will surely have CACM, and probably the main crypto
books. If not, Princeton is not too far away.)

3. Schneier's book is another essential place to look (though he
spends little space on DC Nets). Brassard's little book is also nice.

4. I will forward to Epopt (is this a name or an Illuminati title?) a
copy of my article on Second Gen. remailers.

--Tim May

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