Clipper: Denning v Barlow Debate

Arsen Ray Arachelian rarachel at
Thu Mar 10 23:43:06 PST 1994

> K00L, RayDewd! Like, I'm glad dewdz like you can , like, _follow_ this
> stuff. Maybe you can translate it into ordinary prose for old farts
> like me, who favore multi-sentence paragraphs and even reasonably
> thorough explications of ideas that don't fit into a single line of
> repartee!

Not quite as you think.  You see, only the posts with (6) in front of
them were visible to those in the 6th row. :-)  The AOL Time Odeon
auditorium is broken up into the stage (everyone sees what gets posted
from there, but only those on the stage can send messages to the stage.)
>From there on everyone is assigned a row.  In my case it was the 6th row.
There were 85 people listening to the confrence, probably also generating
as much noise as the folks in my row..  However neither Denning nor
Barlow can see the conversations in row 6.  Neither can the folks in
row 50, or 95, or 69 or 666 see what's talked in row six unless they
move to row six.  :-)  Weird, but true.

AOL does provide the ability to send questions and comments to those in
power on the stage.  I sent quite a few flamatory messages down Dennings
way of course, however, no comment/question of mine made it. :-)

Ah, censorship at its best... (My questions were in the lines of,
Dr. Denning, how can someone of your intelligence possibly support the
idea of giving full control of everyone's privacy over to the government
we all know to be quite corrupt, and the old, why should we pay $10Billion
in taxes a year to help the feds catch 10 or so cases a year via wire

> No insult to Arsen Ray is meant, and there may even be some nuggets in
> there I missed. But it sure does reinforce my hatred for "IRC" and
> similar fora for the attention-challenged. From what I could see
> scrolling by from Ms. Denning, she wasn't getting into the "dewd
> repartee" either, showing that we have at least one thing in common.

She didn't see any of it, except for the flame questions I sent, and
quite possibly a huge ammount of others in the audience.  THere were
85 or so folks there...
> Repartee has its place, and we all do it. But the format here is not
> conducive to getting views exchanged and coherent thoughts developed.
> What a waste. 

Ineed, too bad she couldn't see the comments.  Too bad I wasn't on
stage with JPB to grill her to a nice shade of dark brown toast..

> Me, I'm not as polite as Ms. Denning. About one minute into this I
> woulda said "Fuck this shit, I'm outta here!"
Well, I had my fun. :-)  I'll post up a clean *official* transcript
of this session when one becomes available...

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