Perry E. Metzger pmetzger at
Thu Mar 10 11:51:47 PST 1994

David L Womack says:
> I'd appreciate any opinions/info available
> on whether a rumor I heard is true or not.
> I just learned that US bills, $20 and above,
> have a magnetic strip embedded in the bill, on
> the left hand side.  Looking at the front of
> the bill, under the "U" in United States,
> it's clearly visible on those bill printed
> in 1990 and thereafter.

You didn't look very closely. Shine a light through the bill, and you
will be able to read on the strip the words "TWENTY USA" on the strip
in question. It isn't to my knowledge magnetic -- just non-xeroxable.

There is also a second security feature -- look closely at the third
ring around Andrew Jackson, and you will see that it is not a ring at
all but microprinting reading "The United States of America".


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