MAIL and Coming Police State

Karl Lui Barrus klbarrus at
Thu Mar 10 10:56:59 PST 1994


> First, we would need a IP connection, preferably one that is from a
> rather free, or non-questioning source [...deleted] A connection
> that would bewilling to stand up to some pressure from authorities
> is desirable

Yeah, what you need is to run your own site, or have the explicit
permission to run a remailer from whoever owns the site.

For example, here on owlnet, the user policy forbids forwarding mail
to a non-standard program.

I mention this because I have asked and been told repeatedly by an
attorney friend of mine that running a remailer on a system where you
don't have authorization to do so is a violation of the ECPA.  (i.e.
access beyond what the system administration intends for you to have).
So you definitely need sysadmin approval to withstand even the
slightest pressure.

So maybe I'm glad all the remailers I set up have expired ;-)

As far as other properties, I've tried digital cash and time delay:
One remailer I ran used digital cash (a very simple system), another
batched mail and sent out once a day.  I didn't keep logs so I don't
know how popular these two remailers were, but I have a feeling not
very popular at all.  I also tried num-latency delays, but the
remailer which did this wasn't able to run for very long, so I
couldn't tell if it was a popular feature or not.

Good luck!

Karl Barrus
<klbarrus at>

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