I hate to blast the whole list with this, but....

Marc Horowitz marc at security.ov.com
Wed Mar 9 11:06:48 PST 1994

When requesting to be added to an Internet mailing list, *ALWAYS* try
to send mail to listname-request at host to reach the administrators.
We've gotten three messages to cypherpunks-east at mit.edu today asking
to be added.  Don't send mail to the list!  If you want to be added,
we'll be happy to do it if you send mail to
cypherpunks-east-request at mit.edu.  If you ever decide you no longer
want to be on cypherpunks, send mail to cypherpunks-request at toad.com.
And so forth.  I'm on large lists which get several requests sent
directly to the list every day by people who don't know any better.
This is annoying

All future list maintenance requests sent directly to cypherpunks-east
will be met with scorn and derision, and quite possibly ignored.

Thank you for your assistance.


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