Brad Huntting huntting at
Tue Mar 8 19:17:38 PST 1994

> Today I ran into a situation that made me completely nausiated and
> feel like my privacy had been completely invaded... It involves a
> chip which is implanted in animals and used for identification...

> [....] "Well, if their doing this to animals, how soon will it be
> before they implant the same sort of thing in us?" She said, "Oh,
> I hadn't thought about it like that."...

Several years ago (like mid or early 80's if I recall), there was
just such a program for marking children.  It involved implanting
a "microchip" on the surface of a tooth.

I remember hearing about it on one of those "human interest" stories
that air on slow news days when the local TV stations burn through
the local police blotter and government press releases too quickly
and need to kill time with unimportant trivia lest they mention
something that actually matters.

Unfortunatly, that's all I remember about it.


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