Welcome to the foia-keys announcement list; request update

gnu gnu
Mon Mar 7 13:23:50 PST 1994

You expressed interest in my FOIA request for the Clipper key database.
Here's a minor update on the request.

We send all our FOIA requests by registered mail, return reciept
requested.  According to the Post Office, NIST received our request on
28 Feb 94.  This means that their response is due ten or twenty
business days after that day.

Based on experience, we believe that an actual timely response is
unlikely; the government doesn't feel an obligation to follow the law.
However, I encourage you to call or write NIST's FOIA officer (Karl
Bell, Deputy Director of Administration, NIST, Building 101,
Gaithersburg, Maryland) to indicate your interest in both the content
and the timeliness of his response.

	John Gilmore
	gnu at toad.com

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