Update on user-level hack to do telnet encryption posted recently

Johan Helsingius julf at penet.fi
Sun Mar 6 02:45:50 PST 1994

> Perry, I'm no longer interested in what you have to say.  You've been
> a wet blanket and have pooh-poohed every practical suggestion I've
> ever seen anyone making - weren't you one of the first people to
> post to the netphone project telling us we were all wasting our time?
> Cypherpunks write code, except when asked not to by Perry Metzger.

Sigh. If trying to avoid re-inventing square wheels and duplicating stuff
that has already been done is being a wet blanket, then I have to say I am
very proud to join Perry in the "pseudo-tentacle wet blanket club". One
of the major reasons I still read this list is so that I can find out when
I am wasting my time - if somebody has come up with a workable solution, and
it seems likely to gain wide acceptance, it is rather stupid of me to
hide in my magical cyberspace fairytale virtualland and write code that
no-one is going to pick up and use. But of course I am free to do so, should
I so desire...


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