Standards for Stenography/Steganography?

Gary Jeffers CCGARY at
Fri Mar 4 09:21:05 PST 1994

   Tim May says that the criticism I received was mild. It was not
that mild. I am particularly incensed by Poskanzer's suggestion that
I fetch the old information when, it turns out, that info was not
available. That was bullshit! Anyway, hopefully, Poskanzer's technical
skills are great & he will pull a giant rabbit out of the hat.

   In our defense, I would guess that Sergey had the same idea that I
had:   "Steganography! a hide in plain sight, travel casually in day-
light, leave no footprints, safe long term storage, last-ditch,
safe crypt. & , apparently, no one's working on IBM micro
implementations! What an opportunity to make a contribution! If we
don't write the code I'll bet we can provoke a really good programmer
with crypt knowledge to do it."    It would be difficult for us to know
that this area was already discussed, tactics pretty much resolved, &
had big old guns working on it without them telling us. Thank God the
big old guns were there to disabuse us of our pipe dreams & illusions!

   I'm pretty irreverent, but I do have a lot of respect for the really
smart guys who are sacrificing huge chunks of time in writing code
& theory to free us as well as themselves. It takes me many hours per
week to deal with cypherpunks mailing list. So, I can understand how
the big old guns can get bothered by newbies farming old ground &
taking up lots of bandwidth while mudding the water.

   With that said, & having a lot less to say that I thought I had, I
shall go back to a higher LURK/BANDWIDTH ratio & stop annoying people.
As Johnathan Winter's mother used to say: "If you can't be bright,
be polite." also quiet?

                                                    Yours Truly,
                                                    Gary Jeffers

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