How to do encrypted telnet without being root (tutorial, includes src)

Graham Toal gtoal at
Fri Mar 4 08:57:41 PST 1994

	That's quite interesting, but it sure looks like it's unable to
	encrypt the only part of the session that I really want to encrypt:
	the password.

True - that's why I suggested using one-time passwords before you
get to that stage.  I'm using s/key myself.  If you can't install
s/key checking in login, you can use an s/key shell as a user
process (assuming you can change your shell that is).

By the way, S/Key *doesn't* need an intelligent card - you can do
what I do and print off 100 passwords small on a credit-card slip.
I fetched it as soon as I discovered this.  It's not a perfect
system but it helps.


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