New fast cryptocomputer chip

Harry Bartholomew bart at
Fri Mar 4 04:21:13 PST 1994

    On page 20 of EE Times, Feb. 14, 1994, Roger Woolnough wrote:
    "By linking up with an Israeli company specializing in
    cryptographic technology, SGS-Thompson Microelectronics has
    developed a family of monolithic cryptocomputers aimed at
    high-security smart-card applications.  The new devices combine
    SGS-Thompson's ST16XYZ secure smart-card architecture with
    cryptographic enhancements developed by Fortress U&T Ltd."

    Summarizing the remainder - The approach is based on public key
    encryption, speed is enhanced by a modular arithmatic coprocessor
    developed by Fortress for very fast execution of modular
    exponentiation operations. "A typical 512-bit signature calculation
    can be performed 10 times faster than with the best performing
    smart-card cryptoprocessor currently on the market.
    	The ST16CF54 will be followed by further devices, such as
    the ST16KF74, capable of full-speed X.25 communications."

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