Insecurity of public key crypto #1 (reply to Mandl)

Arsen Ray Arachelian rarachel at
Thu Mar 3 23:46:07 PST 1994

> Have you looked at alt.anonymous?
> I haven't, but the description on one list says it's on encrypted messages to 
> unknown recipients. Like the blind mailing list thing - everyone gets 
> everything, and only what was intended for you will decrypt with your key.

I haven't either. :-)  I don't like the idea of a blind mailing list as
it is hard to filter it.  I already have enough problems just with
reading cypherpunks, and the way I've solved it is via two accounts.
One for cypherpunks mail and the other for normal private email.  Addinmg
any sort of extra noise would make things much harder.  It would be nice
if I could use a new mailer that automated the filtering process and
presented several folders (personal, cypherpunks, blind-mail) and knew
how to filter blind mail to pick up only mail intended for me, and
automatically be able to handle message signing, posting to the blind list,

Message signing/verifying isn't a simple issue when you're dialing up
a unix box and using its mail program. Unfortunatly, SLIP access is not
given so I can't use a mailer on my own end to help automate this a bit.
Storing a private key in my unix account is a bad idea.  There have been
plenty of break ins to the machines I use, luckily I haven't had my
accounts screwed with (or if they're compromised, nobody fucked with
my mail...)

:-)  But actually having a news group and a few automated junk
mailers post to that to foil traffic analysys is needed...

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