PC Expo, Mac World, Comdex, etc..

Arsen Ray Arachelian rarachel at prism.poly.edu
Thu Mar 3 22:28:45 PST 1994

Absolutely.  A Mac version would be great.  (My main machine is a Mac
but keep in mind that unless we target Mac World Expo, 99% of the
atendees will be PC folks.)  Actually if you do your stack any
time soon, please send it my way so I can "port" it to the PC
somehow.  (Probably, just by grabbing pictures and stuff...)

BTW: Speaking of vapor ware, I'm making some progress with the
SecureDrive like thing for the Mac....  I feel like I'm walking
through molasses when reading about the extents file in Inside
Mac, but I'll eventually have it sink in my brain and get 
something to work.

(Incase you aren't familiar with SecureDrive, it's a device
driver that automatically encrypts a whole partition.)  The
driver I'm working on will use a file to store the encrypted
volume on.  Once the drive is mounted anything stored on it
is secured.  I'm going to leave the crypto code open.  I'll
probably provide a module for DES and IDEA, and leave some
open specs so others can write their own modules and stuff.

I'd encourage others to use these modules in other software
that they'll write...  They're basically stand alone code.
I haven't decided if the crypt modules will be just code
resources or INITs with Gestalt selectors installed. Depends
on how feasable the stuff is with drivers...

Anyhow, enough on vaporware.  Two things to add to the Mac
version of this disk:  Curve Crypt, and Mac PGP.  If you
know of any other Mac stuff to throw in, please do so.

I strongly sugggest we use 1.44Mb disk since Apple is
braindamagedly trying to push new drives that won't
support the old 800K GCR disks. :-(  

HELP REQUEST:  If anyone knows how to read a file off
a Mac HFS volume using sector reads/writes or knows of
sample code (C, Pascal, Basic,68000, etc.) please send it
my way.  Basically I need to figure out where a file
lives in terms of sectors and blocks.  Hint: you can't
call FSRead/FSWrite from a disk device driver because
the file read/write routines are non-reentrant.

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