Minutes for Meetings?

Timothy C. May tcmay at netcom.com
Thu Mar 3 12:33:58 PST 1994

>  about this meeting you all are having. once you have had the meeting
>  will those of us that are un able to attend for one reason or
>  another, be able to find out what went on??? ie a sort of points
>  made at he meeting and other general info, in a post to this list.
>  i would love to be there. but i don't have access to the irc.
>  and my computer time is whenever i get the chance.
>  thanks
>  charles the monster maker

Sometime minutes of meetings get posted, usually not. It's a lot of
work to do this, both in the writing and in taking good notes during a

I've written up minutes for two meetings, I recall, and Arthur
Chandler did for a recent meeting. Not much reaction to either, except
nit-picking of details by others, so there's not much incentive for
any of us to bother.

Being an anarchy, we have no officially assigned minutes takers.

Another issue raised by some (to me, at least) is that formal minutes
could be used against us by some agency or entity, or at least that
some folks would be sufficiently worried about being quoted that they
would feel less free to speak up on controversial issues.

--Tim May

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