Next Physical Gypherpunks meeting

Eric Hughes hughes at
Thu Mar 3 12:16:22 PST 1994

The next physical meeting will be Saturday, March 12, 12:00 noon PST.
This is not an official announcement, but the time and date won't
change.  The title, for now, is

	Cypherpunks distributed meeting
	Politics, Strategies, and Action

We're going to try to carry this one on the MBONE.  Details are in the
process of working themselves out.  The EFF looks like it will be
hosting one meeting at its offices in DC.  There will be another in
the Boston area, but I don't know the location yet.  I haven't yet
tried to jump-start a New York site.  Colorado is interested, but
needs to come up with a voice-over-IP site.  If we do MBONE, we'll
have a San Diego participant, but I don't know if he's going to be
hosting a meeting or not.

If you have a T1, a sparc, a speaker/microphone, a meeting room, and
the desire to host a meeting, get in touch with me.  We'll need some


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