Need info on Encyption book

Kent Perrier KEPERRIER at
Thu Mar 3 08:03:10 PST 1994

Hi all,

I have joined the "Small Computer Book Club" and in their "Top 10 Best
Sellers" is a book by Gilbert Held called _Top_Secret_ - Data Encryption 
Techniques.  Below is the text description:

"Learn how to get people the information they need...without prying
eyes getting a look at it, too. This book/disk package introduces
you to techniques you can use to secure messages transmitted over internal
company networks or public electronic message systems.  You'll learn how to
protect your communications with techiques for transposing characters in
text, replacing characters, with new ones, using arrays, and more.  Plus,
your free disk features source code for the book's enciphering programs.
Softcover, with 3.5" disk. 218pp 1993."

Has anyone heard of this book and is it with the $19.95 that they want
for it?


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