MacPGP a plant?

Black Unicorn unicorn at
Thu Mar 3 04:22:21 PST 1994

Now I'm sure I'm jumping to conclusions, but consider the following:

1>  The MacPGP2.3 source is, as near as I can tell, unreleased and

2>  The output from MacPGP2.3 is easily distinguishable from MSDOS
(MacPGP headers all messages with "Version 2.3" and not "Version 2.3a")

3>  The signature file intended to show the applications is
intact from the author is not included with the compressed application
on any of the sites I have seen MacPGP2.3 on.

The implications are left as an exercise for the reader.

MacPGP2.3 has been in release for some time now, yet no one
has commented (that I have seen) on the absence of a signature
file or detached signature with the release.

Is this because I just can't find the signature, or is there no
signature available?

-uni- (Dark)

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