clipper==bad, but how do you explain this to average joe 6-pack?

Arsen Ray Arachelian rarachel at
Wed Mar 2 21:39:03 PST 1994

> 	"When the national health care system decides that your beer
> is bad for you, they won't make beer illegal, they'll just raise your
> insurance rates.  And because you can't protect your privacy they'll
> know exactly how much beer you buy."
> Substitute your favorite commodity above, such as motorcycle helmets,
> condoms, greasy food, cigarettes, or pronography.

How soon would it be before they will decide that anyone who is afraid
of what the NSA and its fans must be paranoid, so paranoid that they
must be insane and thus, must be put in a mental institution because they
are a danger to themselves and others.  Never mind that there aren't any
mental institutions left, they can reopen them.

Oh, and anyone who disagrees with King Kongress and Billary must also be
insane, why would anyone disagree with the direct descendents of the Gods!


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