Peace initiative

Scott Beaudreau SJB8195 at ZEUS.TAMU.EDU
Wed Mar 2 16:10:54 PST 1994

Hello cypherpunks,

Please consider my suggestions.  Send flames via anonymous remail to /dev/null.

I would like to see the following discussions end:
  1.  Attacks on Dr. Denning.  (She is only an opponent, not Damien Thorn.)
  2.  Defense of Dr. Denning.  (More important topics exist.)
  3.  Attacks of Ross Perot or his supporters.  
  4.  Attacks on each other.

I am more interested in these topics:
  1.  Corporations, money, and IRS.  Sandy and others.
  2.  Rating systems.
  3.  Phone and fax security.
  4.  Clipper chip news.
  5.  Security software news.  PGP Tools, etc.

These ideas are simply my opinion.  There is too much talent on this group
to throw at flames.  

Casually yours,
Scott Beaudreau

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